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About us

Solido’s story continues as the three accounting businesses merged in the early summer of 2021. Combining former accounting offices of Saara and Ilkka, and them acquiring the accounting office Solido. Which roots reach beyond the change of the millennium, with Saara and Ilkka now bringing Solido to modern accounting standards!

Owned now by Saara Hyyppä and Ilkka Mettomäki, Solido is more than the sum of its parts: a rock-solid team of financial experts who know the hurdles of a small entrepreneur, as well as their staff, providing everyday services that can also scale up to serve larger businesses alike.

We know our customers and their needs. We can help with almost any problem, and where our expertise ends, the skills of our network begin. We can take care of all aspects of your finances to allow you to focus on where you are at your best.

Our hearts beat at the pace of your business. Together we are stronger. Let us get acquainted!